• Simon Neugebauer

    Simon Neugebauer

  • Sébastien Letélié

    Sébastien Letélié

    resolve problems with innovative technology - eHealth specialist - developer & geek - http://t.co/UsgYKCcz8Q

  • Marina Stanic

    Marina Stanic

  • Max Roche

    Max Roche

  • Masha Pronicheva

    Masha Pronicheva

    Sr Product Designer @hellofresh • NYC Based • www.mpronicheva.com

  • Marilynn Jacobs

    Marilynn Jacobs

    Working at the intersection of social impact, data, and storytelling. Marketing Advisor for purpose-driven orgs. Always learning. linkedin.com/in/marilynnjacobs

  • henry copeland

    henry copeland

    Health instigator. Previous: stoking the social media bonfire at Blogads.com '02-'16; reporter, whose '93 New Republic exposé froze $200 mm in post-Soviet aid.

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