The growth mindset has gained popularity in education and work environments where it is touted as the solution to cure all organizational ills. However, recent research shows that such claims are overstated. GETTY.
By flipping the default from in-person to remote care, healthcare systems decrease friction toward the preselected option, and imply that the defaulted option is recommended. Getty.
Behavioral science recommends two approaches for a diverse workforce: weed out bias that inevitably pervades judgment, and intentionally correct for the bias that seeps in despite our best vetting efforts. Getty.
Before painting over 2020, take a look back at what behavioral science had to say about the year. Getty images.
10 Behavioral Scientists You Should Know. ALINE HOLZWARTH
It’s not ‘news’ that handwashing prevents the spread of disease, from the common cold to the novel coronavirus. But it might take a bit of creativity to transform our best intentions to keep our hands clean into the act of regular handwashing. Behavioral scientists weigh in on strategies to do just this. DPA/PICTURE ALLIANCE VIA GETTY IMAGES.
In her Science of Well-Being digital health program, Professor Laurie Santos recommends practicing and tracking your signature strengths, savoring, gratitude, kindness, social connection, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and time affluence. GETTY.

Aline Holzwarth

Aline Holzwarth is an applied behavioral scientist, primarily focusing on digital health research and scientifically informed product design.

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